NEXT Dentistry Welcomes You to New You Dentures™

Whether you need new dentures or you’re preparing for a future in which you need them, NEXT Dentistry is ready to enhance your life and well-being with New You Dentures™. It’s a solution that not only improves your smile but gives you greater confidence in how the world sees you!

Developed by Renowned Dentist Dr. Michael Reece

New You Dentures™ are an innovative aesthetic denture developed by Dr. Michael Reece. As a practicing dentist, Dr. Reece has the daily interaction with patients to understand how to meet their individual needs. Dr. Reece is also Chief Clinical Instructor at the Las Vegas Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry, which gives him the opportunity to train the next generation of dentists for using the New You Dentures™ technique.

The Lost Art of Denture Making Rediscovered

Over the years, denture making has become a lost art as the demand for mass-produced, low-cost solutions has risen. Unfortunately, this one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work because no two mouths are alike.

NEXT Dentistry understands that you have specific needs, and feels that New You Dentures™ are the best option for our patients. Dr. Reece committed himself to using cutting-edge techniques and technologies to develop New You Dentures™, and by learning those techniques, Dr. Hemingway and his staff can take you to the next level of dentistry that simply wouldn’t be possible with any other type of denture system.

Benefits of New You Dentures™

New You Dentures™ give you a beautiful smile that you can be proud of and one that looks completely natural too.

As you lose teeth, the jawbone can shrink. In fact, as much as one-half to three-quarters of the jaw bone can be lost forever. The result is a sunken look that typically identifies someone as having lost many of their natural teeth.

This receding action can continue, which means that with conventional dentures, your facial profile will continue to sink.

New You Dentures™ are different, though. They utilize the existing jawbone as the basis for a cantilevered denture. Built with your precise needs in mind, your set of dentures help return a stronger profile, maintain a proper bite, fill out the lower features of your face, and give you fuller lips – in addition to a great new smile!


Why Choose NEXT Dentistry for New You Dentures™?

At NEXT Dentistry, your care is our focus. We provide our services to enhance your life and deliver you a gorgeous, natural, and lasting smile.

With New You Dentures™ we’re able to extend that commitment to care for patients that have more extensive needs.

Just like you can trust us to tackle other dental-related procedures, you can trust that we have the necessary training to provide you with New You Dentures™. In fact, the training program for New You Dentures™ is both rigorous and demanding. Choosing this solution for your needs means you can rest assured that Dr. Hemingway and his staff have the proper education to build your dentures for comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.

Other Factors to Consider

On average, it takes just three visits to create your New You Dentures™. Though they are more expensive than conventional dentures, many recipients of New You Dentures™ describe their new smile as being priceless!

To get started, simply call NEXT Dentistry to schedule an appointment so Dr. Hemingway and his staff can develop an individualized treatment plan and get you started on a pathway to a more beautiful smile!